Canadian Business College’s Student and Career Services team helps convert the knowledge, skills and training that you acquire over the course of your studies into meaningful jobs and careers once you graduate. Our top priority is to facilitate relationships between you and the businesses, organizations and industries where you will work and further develop your skills.


We understand and appreciate that making the commitment to return to school is not always easy. While you train and study at Canadian Business College, our team will make every effort to ensure your academic experience is both productive and seamless. Our objective is to keep you on track so that the goals you set out to achieve are accomplished. Students can expect regular check-ins from our team to ensure they’re feeling comfortable, adjusted and are getting the most out of their studies, training and college life experience.


While you train at Canadian Business College our team will work methodically to ensure you develop the skills required to successfully find and succeed in a career related to your field of study. Students will have the opportunity to benefit from a variety of career services initiatives. Our Career Services team will keep you informed up job postings, assist with resume writing, arrange internships and field placements where applicable, provide interview preparation, and provide workshops to ensure have the tools you need to find the career that is right for you.


Your relationship with Canadian Business College doesn’t end when you graduate or when you find a job. We’re pleased to offer an array of alumni services designed to build on the student and career support you received while you were studying. Alumni services include networking events, membership in peer support groups and ongoing skill enhancement and job training.Canadian Business College alumni receive ongoing support through: professional networking and peer support groups, ongoing access to job postings, internships, and placements, professional development workshops, and individualized career counselling.

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